Video/Data Signal Transmission Mediums


Most CCTV systems are IP based now and will transmit via any typical Ethernet medium including CAT5/6, coax, fiber optic and RF.

  • Cat5/6 cable is limited to 100 meters (328 ft.) without use of repeaters, etc.
  • Fiber optic transmission is capable of many miles. Both multimode and single mode are available in multiple configurations.
  • RF systems are widely used when cable simply cannot be run or is just not economical.
  • Existing coax infrastructure? No problem. We can transmit Ethernet over existing coax.

Our design staff is specially trained to help create the optimum transmission network for your application.


Analog CCTV systems are still widely used in industrial settings. IVS still offers most of our Heavy Duty CCTV Camera Systems as well as our Explosion Proof Cameras in analog versions. This technology will be around for quite some time to come. Analog technology is limited in the off-the-shelf “security” world, but since we custom build our systems, we are able to do what most CCTV vendors are afraid of.

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