Industries Served

Steel and Metals Foundry Camera Systems

High temperature cameras available for a variety of applications including safety and production optimization. Cameras can be mounted on equipment such as cranes for operational assistance and safety.

Petrochemical Camera Systems

Our complete line of cameras is applicable to the Petrochemical environment. Explosion Proof cameras as well as Vessel cameras, high corrosive resistant cameras, and high vibration options are just a few of the solutions available for refineries, Chemical manufacturing facilities, oil/production rigs, etc.

Pulp and Paper Camera Systems

Our heavy duty general purpose cameras are an excellent fit for any pulp/paper facility. Designed for the highly corrosive environment, these cameras will out live any standard “Security Grade” camera on the market. Designed for extreme applications with many options for the hazards these environments contain.

Marine and Offshore Camera Systems

We offer many stainless steel camera options for the highly corrosive offshore environment.

Mining/Minerals Camera Systems

Heavy duty cameras designed for the harsh abuse of these environments.