About Us

More than 27 years in the field of heavy industrial CCTV applications is just one of the benefits of doing business with Industrial Video Solutions. Our success comes from the fact that we don’t pursue security grade projects such as banks and gas stations. Instead we focus solely on the demands and regulations of heavy industry which requires specialized equipment from highly experienced designers. Our understanding of the codes and regulations for Class 1, Division 1 and 2 environments, for instance, allow us to provide the best and safest solution while keeping the budget in mind. Over the years, we have created many different solutions for extreme conditions which will destroy off-the-shelf or “security grade” CCTV equipment. High vibration, corrosive or explosive atmospheres, and high temperatures are just some of the obstacles we can overcome. Because each environment and application is different, our machine shop is experienced at creating custom components to overcome almost any challenge. Our goal is for our customers to have the best possible experience at every stage of the process, so you can count on fast and accurate quotes and designs, product delivered on-time and on-budget, and drawings and documentation created to minimize installation and operational problems. Let us design a system for your industrial CCTV needs – for extreme conditions, hazardous environments, or marine applications – and find out how better vision can impact your operation.