• Experience You Can Count On

    1. By focusing solely on CCTV solutions for heavy industry, our staff can offer the highest quality support – from useful documentation and detailed technical drawings to immediate and knowledgeable technical and installation assistance.
  • Quality Matters

    2. Cheap components are attractive to accountants and security companies, but we understand that reliability and durability matter. While we understand that cost control is important, our systems are optimized for performance and longevity.
  • Easy Installation

    3. Our systems are designed from the ground up with the installer in mind. We pre-package all components in order to provide “bolt-down and plug-in” installation. Support equipment such as fiber optic interfaces and control/DVR racks, are shipped completely assembled and pre-wired. Installation can typically be accomplished by the onsite electrical contractor with no CCTV experience required.
Heavy Duty CCTV Systems

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