Heavy Duty General Purpose Cameras

Not all applications require special certifications or protection, but the industrial environment still offers many dangers that will destroy the average security grade camera. Our heavy duty series offers all aluminum, very robust cameras to withstand the abuse that comes naturally in the industrial world. Totally sealed air/water tight. NEMA 4/IP66 rated. These cameras are just plain tough.

ICN4 Remote PTZ

This camera is our full featured remote controlled pan/tilt/zoom/focus unit for heavy duty environments. This version of the ICN4 series camera has the ability to operate in very low light conditions with its integrated high resolution day/night image sensor. Coupled with the 27x optical, 10x digital zoom lens, makes it an excellent choice when you need to see it all. Available in both analog and IP versions.

ICN4 Fixed Mount

A stationary mounted version of our heavy duty camera. This camera can be used in a host of industrial applications. With a variety of available lenses, we can accomplish the widest of views to the most long distance telephoto shot. Available in both traditional analog as well as megapixel IP versions.


The IDHD series dome camera is a heavy duty dome camera with an all 316 stainless steel housing with a polycarbonate bubble. NEMA 4X/IP66 rated. The high resolution day/night camera with 29x optical, 10x digital zoom lens can rotate continuously 360 degrees to give you a perfect view of your operation. Excellent when mounted up high to get a bird’s eye view.

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